Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mocha kottai kozhumbu/Val beans gravy

Mocha kottai kozhumbu/Val beans gravy

Usually when you consider making mocha kottai kozhumbu the first thing which comes to your mind is tamarind, drum stick or brinjal and coconut milk. These are ingredients which we use for making the val beans or mocha kottai gravy. But I considered making this gravy with no such ingredients. This is a very simple gravy which goes well with plain rice, dosa or chapatti.


1.       Val beans/Mocha kottai – 1 cup(soaked overnight)
2.       Red chilli powder – 5tsp
3.       Cumin powder – 1tbsp
4.       Onion – 1(medium sized and finely chopped)
5.       Oil – 3 tbsp
6.       Salt- to taste
7.       Water – 1 cup


1.       Pressure cook the mocha kottai with little salt for 2 to 3 whistles.
2.       In a pan dry roast red chilli powder and cumin powder for a minute and keep them aside.
3.       Heat oil in another pan and add oinions, cook them until they become transparent.
4.       Now add the dry roasted chili powder and cumin powder mixture, cook them until the raw smell goes off.
5.       Now add about a cup of water and allow them to boil, and then add the cooked mocha kottai and salt(according to your taste).
6.       Allow them to cook until the oil separates.
7.       Serve them hot with plain rice and appalam.


divya said...

Looks divine!!!

krishna said...

simple but delicious recipe..

Suresh Urs said...

The recipe looks like it's south Indian nice i love the Indian spicy flavor's alot. Thanks great post. ClickIndian.

Heena Rathore said...

nice recipe :)

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