About Me

Here it goes a very sharp and crisp introduction about me, being a post-graduate student of science I never stepped into kitchen during my college days. Days passed by and when I entered in to wedlock I realised its time to learn some cooking. Though I dont cook during my school or college days my taste buds were very sharp and can sense all the ingredients in any food, specially my mom's food which I am very fond off.

 After marriage I started to give it a try in cooking thinking that my mom's gene would surely been passed on to me. It was a blessing in disguise I eventually picked up a lot in cooking, though at first I struggled a little I always had my husband constantly encouraging me and giving comments on the same.

 Soon I realised there would be lot of people like me trying hard to learn some good cooking, so I started to pen down my receipes and decided to start a blog for the beginners with easy receipes for them to cook.